AVOID REGRET | What Your CARES Act Money Can Be Used For

Dec 5, 2020

There are a few opportunities where there is a built-in undo button.

And one of those windows of opportunity is about to expire in a few days.

In this video, I’ll be talking about what investment opportunities you can get if you take advantage of the CARES Act before it expires this year – from being able to buy your dream retirement house with tax-free money to having the ability to allow other airline pilots to invest in your win-win deals!


Hey, I’ve been in your shoes and I love sharing stories of my journey and how I got money working for me. I’ll show you how too!


My goal is to experience with you, what’s on the outside. By sharing what we learn, we can all do our part to keep doing what we love, flying, without the threat of loss of income.

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Pilots make excellent money and we love what we do. We are used to being in command and control in the flight deck. But it’s our financial future, managing cash flow, wealth and passive income that can often seem OUT of our control. It can be a risky gamble to put your money into retirement funds and the stock market. No one gets held accountable if there are significant losses. And so it feels like you run out of options. 

After entering the world of Real Estate Investing, I’ve found a path to security, passive income and feel in control again. 

Real estate investment stands on the solid foundation of homes and buildings, which is in high need. We have control of the tenants we have, screening them for reliability and long-term viability. We can take measures if someone isnt working out. We create the system and safeguards for our investment, and all the income comes straight to us. Our return on investment (ROI) is high and steady.

As a pilot and real estate investor I am passionate about helping other aviation professionals fly towards financial freedom through investing in multi-family properties. Let me show you how to put your money to work for you. 

Do you want to see your money multiply, creating financial freedom for your future? Are you interested in increasing your income through passive means? If so, book a briefing with me and let’s talk.  


Remember in 2009, right after the last housing market crash, I had the opportunity to borrow $25,000 at 2%. You know, at the time I didn’t have the right mindset to see that right in front of me was a low-interest rate loan for $25,000. At the same time that a quarter of the houses in America were being sold at foreclosure prices. You know, I look back and it pains me to know that I missed a golden opportunity. I missed it because I’d, hadn’t developed the right mindset yet.

Perhaps you have a similar story right after the last housing crash. The regret of not thinking ahead, even though the opportunity was right in front of me, you know, regret looking back regret is painful, really painful. And now potentially it looks like we might have another 2008 on our hands with mortgage forbearances and eviction moratoriums, the writing’s on the wall.

So imagine yourself back in 2007, what if you made sure that you had excess cash available and time to educate yourself on what to do with that cash, then you’d be ready to strike when the opportunity hits.

The good news is now you have that opportunity right before a potential market crash. And even better than that, you have up to three years to decide what you’re going to do with it, to educate yourself and develop your own investor identity. And more importantly, you’ll be ready to hit when the iron is hot. This opportunity is section 2103 of the cares act.

The bad news, this window of opportunity is about to expire in a few days. So what are you going to do? Are you going to repeat your actions of 2007? Whether you have an investing plan right now, or you don’t, it doesn’t matter if you just call your current 401k custodian and say the magic words, I would like to start a COVID related distribution.

Once you say that, that’s it. You just bought yourself three years to learn and develop your own investing plan. You’ll have three years to develop that investing mindset, understand the investment risks and understand what type of investor you want to be. You’ll have three years to decide if you want to put up to a hundred thousand dollars in that self-directed retirement plan.

If you do, you’ll have the ability to buy, sell, and rent real estate with all your profits, tax-free straight into your retirement fund will have the ability to allow other airline pilots to invest in your win-win deals or think about getting into real estate, but you didn’t have the capital, the down payment.

If you take advantage of the cares act, you have three years to decide the ability to have other airline pilots invest in your deal. The ability to hedge inflation by buying gold and silver and putting it straight into your retirement fund, the ability to continue investing in the stock market, just like you did with your former 401k.

But now you have more options. The ability to buy your dream retirement house with tax-free money, rent it out. All that tax rate profit goes to fund your nest egg for retirement. And when you’re 59 and a half, that retirement house is yours all with tax-free money.

That’s the way I want to retire.

You have three years to change your mind. If you decide to invest in a self-directed retirement plan is not for you. You have three years to put that money back penalty-free from your original 401k. Everything goes back to normal, all with zero fees. You know, there are a few opportunities where there’s a built-in undo button. And fortunately, this is one of the few I’m giving myself the opportunity to take my time on my journey to financial freedom, time to learn and develop a plan, and have no regrets. Not again.

And I hope you take advantage of this opportunity also because there’s nothing more painful than regret, avoid future regret.

If you’d like to study up, go to our website layovermoney.com/CARESACT, where I lay out exactly what you need to do to take advantage of this opportunity.

And if you have any questions along the way, feel free to schedule a free call with me, Layovermoney.com/ChatwithMike.

Regret has never been so easy to avoid.