Why Selfish Investors Are Poor

Nov 12, 2020

Warning: This will change your investor mindset forever!

Are you a selfish investor? You’re not a bad person for it, but you are seriously limiting your potential for amassing wealth in real estate. If you’ve been investing for a while, you know that banks usually limit your home loans to about 6. So, how do you reach Financial Freedom if they bank says “No More”?

Learn how to structure deals for others to profit and capital will never be in short supply. There are hundreds of ways to structure win-win deals providing infinite returns with no money of your own, and here is just a taste of one of those.

Here’s a hint: learn how to use IRA money and not only will you profit, but you’ll provide someone’s retirement a huge boost and most importantly loss protections.


Hey, I’ve been in your shoes and I love sharing stories of my journey and how I got money working for me. I’ll show you how too!


My goal is to experience with you, what’s on the outside. By sharing what we learn, we can all do our part to keep doing what we love, flying, without the threat of loss of income.

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Pilots make excellent money and we love what we do. We are used to being in command and control in the flight deck. But it’s our financial future, managing cash flow, wealth and passive income that can often seem OUT of our control. It can be a risky gamble to put your money into retirement funds and the stock market. No one gets held accountable if there are significant losses. And so it feels like you run out of options. 

After entering the world of Real Estate Investing, I’ve found a path to security, passive income and feel in control again. 

Real estate investment stands on the solid foundation of homes and buildings, which is in high need. We have control of the tenants we have, screening them for reliability and long-term viability. We can take measures if someone isnt working out. We create the system and safeguards for our investment, and all the income comes straight to us. Our return on investment (ROI) is high and steady.

As a pilot and real estate investor I am passionate about helping other aviation professionals fly towards financial freedom through investing in multi-family properties. Let me show you how to put your money to work for you. 

Do you want to see your money multiply, creating financial freedom for your future? Are you interested in increasing your income through passive means? If so, book a briefing with me and let’s talk.  


Are you a selfish investor? I mean, do you structure profits for others in your real estate deals? If not, you’re not a bad person, but your opportunities may be limited. Let me explain. Now let’s say you’re an airline pilot, right? You fly the plane, the airline provides the airplane, the maintenance, the flight attendants, the infrastructure, everything. But in the end, you, as the pilot get paid and the airline and their investors get paid also. It’s a win-win deal for the airline, and you. Now what if the pilot had to do it on his own. He had to buy his own plane, maintenance, infrastructure, coordinate marketing. How many planes can that pilot afford? And do you think that pilot can drum up enough business, 70, 100 hours a month, and get paid the same salary that you do as an airline pilot? Of course not. We make more money when we partner with the airline. So we have a win-win situation or else you wouldn’t be wearing that snazzy pilot uniform, would you? Now what do I mean by all this? In the last few videos I’ve been pushing the importance of utilizing, taking advantage of the Cares Act. Because we have less than two months to use it. But why is Mike preaching all this? How can it benefit me? Well, if that’s your question, you need to watch this now. Okay, let me use an example so you could see how important it is to take advantage of the cares act. Now, this is a local, real estate example. It’s a fourplex, in my local area of Colorado. Now at a purchase price of $300,000, this could be a really good deal to work with. How do I know this? Because I use my deal formula, that I provide to you for free, at LayoverMoney.com/formula Okay. Now, so this fourplex for $300,000, Mike, how is this realistic? Because as I’m about to show you, you and I are about to be cash buyers. And as cash buyers, we can close on the property in days instead of weeks. Now this is a big incentive for the seller, especially because in the next few months, the real estate market is very uncertain. If we can close by Friday, we got this, for $300,000. Okay, I found this property, this fourplex, time to go back to work. So I’m flying with this captain, Captain Bob. Captain Bob has $200,000, in his IRA. And because Captain Bob listened to me and took advantage of the cares act, he now is able to take another a hundred thousand dollars, from his company match 401k, put it in a self-directed IRA, and now we can partner on this deal. All right now a question for you, How could we make this fourplex deal profitable, for both myself and Captain Bob? So let’s just start out with the easy one. All right, to demonstrate to you, and to Captain Bob, how we can structure this deal to profit both of us, I’m using a software program called Property Evaluator. So looking here, our purchase price is $300,000. Those are the buying costs, that’s the closing costs, over 30 years. So captain Bob and I have determined that he’s gonna to use $300,000 out of a self-directed IRA account, and lend it to me to purchase this deal. And I’m going to pay Captain Bob $1,995, about $2,000 a month. Now that is money I normally would have given to a bank. But now Captain Bob’s, retirement profits. Now let me show you the rest of the numbers. All of these expenses here, are actual, from this actual fourplex in town. Here’s my cashflow. Captain’s Bob is making $2,000 a month, I’m making a cashflow, of just north, of a $1,000 a month cashflow. All right now to properly analyze this deal, we want to look at it at the entire life of the loan that Captain Bob is interested in. So, I love this part of the Property Evaluator software. It gives me, year one to year 30, all the numbers. Now, it accounts for appreciation of the house, of the rents, and also appreciation of expenses over that 30 year timeline. So right now, after a year, I’m cash flowing in my pocket, $12,000. Now the last few weeks that I’m still paying Captain Bob, I’m getting over $61,000, in my pocket from the cashflow. Not bad for having zero money into this deal. Which means my ROI, is infinite. And the best part is since I have zero money in the deal, how many deals can I make? An infinite amount. And this is how the rich become wealthy, faster and faster and faster. By structuring other people in their deals, it’s a win-win for everybody. Now let me show you something interesting. The appreciation of the house, after a year went up $21,000. After 30 years, this $300,000 property that Captain Bob and I have partnered on, is now worth almost $2.3 million. Now I know what you’re thinking, Mike, from a 300,000 to 2.3 it sounds, are those numbers, right? So let’s go over some real numbers, from the past 20 years, of assessed property tax values. And I can show you, these numbers are very close to accurate. Okay so these are the property tax appraise values for a house, for a similar fourplex, in the same area. As you can see, we have data for about 19 years. So we can say about 20 years, just for analysis sake. So today, the County has appraised it as $630,000. 20 years ago, or 19 years ago, it was appraised at $166,381. Times a hundred, That’s a 378% increase, over about 20 years. Now let’s compare that to the numbers Captain Bob and I were looking at. Okay, the real life example, we were looking at 19 years. So let’s look at, we have 20 year data here we can compare After 20 years, the market value, 1,160,905 divided by, We purchased it at $300,000. Times a 100%. That’s 386% increase. That’s almost the same value increase, of the real life 19 year, example we were looking. So this shows you, that these numbers are very accurate. Now, this line here, this row. Potential cash out refinance, is extremely valuable. Because I told Captain Bob, this deal could probably double the amount of money, money in your IRA. He started with $300,000, He invested with me in this deal. So does he have to wait 30 years to get his money back? No. Potential cash out refinance. Captain Bob, needs $600,000 to double his retirement. As you can see at year 20, I can do a cash out refinance of this property, for $640,000. Captain Bob doesn’t have to wait 30 years for a 30 year loan. At 20 years, I can pay him back full plus more. Okay. Now Captain Bob wants to know, well, what if things fall through, you know if he invests in the stock market, he would lose his money, and it’d be hard to get that money back. Well this is why it’s smart to invest in real estate. Let me show you. Let’s say the property is not performing. I’m unable to pay Captain Bob, the $2,000 a month for a few months at a time. Because we structured the deal So Captain Bob has a note in the mortgage, He can now foreclose on the property. If Captain Bob has to foreclose on the property in year one, the value of the property is worth $321,000. Captain Bob now gets the property, sells it immediately and he made $21,000. Let’s say he forecloses at year 10. Well, property is worth almost $600,000. He achieved his goal of doubling his retirement. At 20 years, $1.1 million. He quadrupled his retirement. So as you can see, Captain Bob was smart, because he invested in something that was backed by real estate. That incorporates a lot more protection, than investing in the stock market. Pretty amazing, huh? So I’ve got to work on a real estate deal, with zero of my own money, but I’m doing all the sweat equity. Captain Bob, all he does, is write a check from his self-directed IRA company sits back and collects that check. And fly easy across the country because his retirement plan, is growing every month. And he gets asleep just fine in his layover hotel, because of something happens, he gets to foreclose, get the property from me, and make even more money. If something like this appeals to you where you’d like to double your retirement, or you may have a deal like this that you’re considering, and you’d like a second set of eyes to take a look at it. So book a call with at LayoverMoney.com/ChatwithMike or I can get you on one of my deals out here in Colorado, or I can give you a hand on structuring one of your, win-win deals. Where you get to help other airline pilots with their retirement.