Why Your Real Estate Offer Is Being Rejected… Hint: You Need To Add An “S”

Mar 5, 2021

So many investors give the seller an offer and wonder why it’s rejected. They are forgetting the most powerful negotiating tool…empower the seller.

Give the seller a CHOICE of 3 offers and you have now empowered them to make a decision for you. When the seller feels empowered, why will want to work with you?

How is it possible to give 3 offers? It’s easy, but only if you understand what the seller wants to do with their profits.

You need to think creatively about how to solve the seller’s problem in 3 different ways that also yield you the profit you desire.

In this video, I go through my 3 offers on a 10-plex. You may be surprised which offer the seller took…

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Pilots make excellent money and we love what we do. We are used to being in command and control in the flight deck. But it’s our financial future, managing cash flow, wealth, and passive income that can often seem OUT of our control. It can be a risky gamble to put your money into retirement funds and the stock market. No one gets held accountable if there are significant losses. And so it feels like you run out of options. 

After entering the world of Real Estate Investing, I’ve found a path to security, passive income, and feel in control again. 

Real estate investment stands on the solid foundation of homes and buildings, which is in high need. We have control of the tenants we have, screening them for reliability and long-term viability. We can take measures if someone isnt working out. We create the system and safeguards for our investment, and all the income comes straight to us. Our return on investment (ROI) is high and steady.

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Here are my favorite spot on my morning walk. So I want to tell you guys a few weeks ago, you probably saw my webinar replay. I put an offer on a 10 Plex in town here in Colorado, Fort Collins. I should say I put three offers down. Now, how many offers do you put down per seller and per property? And you probably ask him, how would you get three offers? Remember, we’re looking to solve problems. We’re not looking to just throw numbers in front of the seller. So I analyze what does the seller need? The seller wants to 10 31, the property, right? So I ended up calling my 10 31 facilitator asking about what options I could give the seller to help them 10 31.

That’s what they need their solution. So I gave three offers right now. The first offer is always an all-cash offer and say, since it’s all cash, I need quite a bit of a discount, right? 

The second offer, I had half cash and the other half would be a balloon payment. So I would pay the other half in 10 years. And I did all the math that I can prove through appreciation cash flow depreciation, that the deal can afford that no problem.

And then the third option I gave again, half cash. And then the other half I would pay in monthly installment payments, seller financing. So why would the seller choose? And they did number three. Why would they decide to get installment payments after getting half the cash? Because if they have a good accountant, which they do, they’re able to be very flexible on their taxes. So depending on the accountant, you can reduce your taxes significantly. If the seller accepts the monthly payments for the equity. Now you’re going to see in a new video that I’m coming out with my interview, my accountant, how this is possible. 

Another thing I want to bring up is that all cash, the number one offer, and number two and three, I offered half cash value upfront might. How are you going to do that?


I don’t need a bank because there are a lot of people. Believe it or not, those who are not generating enough money for their needs for their retirement. So whether their 401k, their IRR IRA, they’re not generating the interest that they feel that they need to retire.

And in my profession, we have to retire at 65, not saying the deal can, but what if, what if that deal was able to produce them a percentage rate that would double their in their retirement account in 10 years, double the money. So if I’m able to double their money in 10 years or less, that’s huge. Who are these people who invest in this deal with me and are able to double their retirement money or even better it’s people like you who get on the calendar atlayovermoney.com/chatwithMike, we have a chat, we have a relationship, and we could see what we could do for your 401k or IRA or savings account to generate way more interest than you ever could? 

If it just sits in there in a lifecycle fund, or God forbid the bank with interest rates of like 0.0, zero one. So next time that you make an offer with the seller, think about that, make a list of at least three ways you can benefit them and solve their problem. And of course, you know, not everybody’s familiar with the different methods of how to not use an all-cash in order to solve the seller’s problem. No problem. I’m here for you.

So just get on my calendar@labormoney.com slash chat with Mike it’s free. I’m not selling anything. And we could talk about the solutions for the seller, which we’ll give the solution for, to you.