Pilot Reacts To 1StepPrep…a Scam?

Dec 6, 2021

If you’ve ever seen Joe Munoz and 1StepPrep on YouTube…you NEED to see this FIRST!

I need to tell you my experience BEFORE you spend a penny on their training.

I confess, I used to have “firm” landings as an airline pilot. After 16 months off from flying, I came back with my sight picture all out of wack. Landing hard and SCARING Captains. 

Now that I’m up for being a Captain myself, I needed a fix fast or LOSE MY JOB.

So, I PANICKED and bought a few hours in the simulator with Joe Munoz himself. 

But there’s more to the story, you see… I had a difficult time during initial training at my airline. 

As many airline pilots can relate to, an airline type-rating course does NOT teach technique. Instead, the airline anticipates that you’ll just “figure it out on the line.” 

I was STRUGGLING, panicked, and bought 1StepPrep’s A320 course at 1StepPrep.com 

Watching it over…and over…and over again. 

0:00 Intro
0:27 My Struggle
0:49 HARD Landing
1:12 Airline Failed Me
1:58 1SP Online Training
2:07 1SP Sim Training
3:20 Worth It?
3:45 See for Yourself


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Hi, I’m Mike Marino and I help airline pilots fly less by teaching them how to invest in real state.

If you’re an airline pilot and you’ve been on YouTube, you probably heard screaming Joe before, and his 1stepprep.com so is it worth it?

In this video I’m going to share with you my experience with Joe and 1 Step Prep.

Now, a bit of background story. 10 years ago, I sorta flying light turboprops for NOA, the weather service. Now, if you’ve ever flown turboprops before, you know the landing and the energy characteristics are way different than any jet airliner. Fast forward last year, and I took advantage of 16 months paid leave so I can create easy real estate investing opportunities for other airline pilots.

However, after 16 months of not flying, my first landing was well, well, here it is.

(wind blowing)
(computer voice talking)

Not only that, but now it’s time where I could potentially upgrade to captain, but there’s no way I can do until I’m completely confident like it was back from in the turboprop. And as you know when you’re in the simulator on company time, they’re not there to give you tips and techniques of how to land properly. They’re there to check the box and test you, and so ever since initial training, I was never really comfortable with Airbus so I did the only thing I knew how to do, which was get bits and pieces of advice from different captains, but as you can imagine, that’s like learning to fly from YouTube.

So after a few more not so soft landings,

(plane shuddering)
(computer voice talking)

I felt like I was never going to upgrade to captain, and I felt like a failure and embarrassed so I told the story to my best friend, and he sent me a YouTube video of Joe Munoz’s 1 Step Prep doing his crosswind landing demonstration.

Then I had the epiphany. That’s it.

Four years ago, I got through initial training only because I lived and breathed with 1 Step Prep’s Airbus A320 Training Course so I finally decided it’s time to commit and the only person I know who can help me through this would be – Joe Munoz.

– [Mike] So I bought two
hours in a simulator with Joe, met him down in Fort Lauderdale. When I first met Joe, I was expecting somebody to be jumping up and down and screaming in my face like he does in the videos. No, Joe is extremely humble, he listens, he cares and he lets you know that he’s there to help you.

So during our initial briefing, Joe explained that good landing comes from good energy management from the initial descent. So he showed me his tips and tricks of what he does, mental math wise, different techniques to get down with proper energy management so you’re already set up for the landing.

Once we got into the simulator, Joe says, there’s no procedures, there’s no checking, there’s no need for a go around.

We’re just here to focus on the last 2000 feet, energy management, and the landings. And after the first hour in the simulator I started greasing landings
at a 5,000 foot strip with an Airbus 320, things I could never do before. Not only that, but during the debrief, I learned that there’s airline captains in my company who save up $200 every month so they can afford time with Joe Munoz every year in the simulator.

So was it worth it?

Well, a week after training, I went to the line and I finally felt like I was one with the airplane. I was always thinking of the techniques that Joe taught me so anytime a controller dropped us in hot, I was ready for it, and now in every landing, it’s relaxed, smooth, comfortable. I don’t have sweaty palms anymore. So after that experience, I’ll never be ashamed to ask for extra help with Joe Munoz and 1 Step Prep.

– You’re gonna push play and learn the easy way with the J and J team here at 1stepprep.com.

Check it out, I can’t wait to see you on the other side.