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As a pilot and investor, my passion is helping aviation professionals fly towards financial freedom through passive real estate investments.

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what happened to a pilot’s pension?

Soon after the stock market crashed in 2008, many airlines chose to make drastic financial cuts to stay afloat. One of the choices they made was to cut the pension plan for pilots. Those of us working in the airline industry lost the certainty of a prosperous future, something we had been counting on upon retirement. We had excellent paying jobs, but now we had to make our own long-term financial decisions.

Without a pension, we were given a 401k, told to pick a mutual fund, hold and PRAY.

Call me crazy, but that lack of control does not sit well. No control other than hold and pray? There must be another way.

That 401k money you have “invested” goes up and down with the stock market with the potential of becoming ZERO overnight.

But there is another way. You CAN invest that 401k money in physical assets, like real estate.

By investing in real estate you get one HUGE protection that the stock market can not touch, the protection of a mortgage.

Now when I invest money in a real estate deal, I get the promised profits or I get the entire house!

My 401k now has the power of the bank. Long term growth with the power to foreclose.

Sounds interesting? Glad you’re here.


Mike Marino

Airline Pilot & Real Estate Problem Solver

I hear this story from pilots all the time.

– I don’t want to be a landlord.

– I don’t want to deal with tenants and toilets.

– I don’t know how to start.

– I don’t want to be a real estate agent.

– I just want to fly planes!

Perfect! Remember Crew Resource Management (CRM) in aviation? Let’s bring this concept into investing.

I’ve set up your team of professional attorneys, tax accountants, property managers, marketing experts and…oh yeah, experienced consultants.

Now you get to do what you love, fly and watch your retirement account grow.


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