Finding Off-Market Properties with PropStream: It’s A Game Changer! | 2021

Jan 22, 2021

As an investor, are you satisfied with the current volume of profitable deals? Probably not.
Did you know finding a profitable deal off the MLS is rare to non-existent these days? And with the super low-interest rates, people are in line buying profit-bleeding homes!
Have you always wanted to find a non-listed deal from a motivated seller? A seller that has a problem you can fix?
Let me introduce this software that changed the way I invest. Forget Zillow…it’s worthless. This software not only finds sellers with problems but then markets directly to them without you leaving your desk.
No more licking stamps or paying high direct-mail costs. This software targets and automatically markets to motivated sellers for a few cents…not dollars.
Believe me, it’s a game-changer!
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Pilots make excellent money and we love what we do. We are used to being in command and control in the flight deck. But it’s our financial future, managing cash flow, wealth and passive income that can often seem OUT of our control. It can be a risky gamble to put your money into retirement funds and the stock market. No one gets held accountable if there are significant losses. And so it feels like you run out of options. 

After entering the world of Real Estate Investing, I’ve found a path to security, passive income and feel in control again. 

Real estate investment stands on the solid foundation of homes and buildings, which is in high need. We have control of the tenants we have, screening them for reliability and long-term viability. We can take measures if someone isnt working out. We create the system and safeguards for our investment, and all the income comes straight to us. Our return on investment (ROI) is high and steady.

As a pilot and real estate investor I am passionate about helping other aviation professionals fly towards financial freedom through investing in multi-family properties. Let me show you how to put your money to work for you. 

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We all know the best real estate deals are off-market properties, and what if I told you that there’s a software out there that can quickly search any market for motivated sellers, and can start you on your marketing campaign without getting up from your computer chair? No licking stamps, no knocking on doors. It’s revolutionized my real estate investment, and in this video, I’ll show how it can do that for you.

The fact of the matter is almost all lists of properties do not cashflow. In order to find real estate investments that do cashflow, that provides you with the opportunity to make money you have to look at properties that aren’t listed, properties where the seller has a problem, and you have the solution. How do you find those off-market properties with problems? Well, you could drive around town for months and months, and months and call up. Sure. Or, you can use what I use as a property marketing tool called Propstream. Now, let me show you real quick.

Now, Propstream has made Zillow worthless. Everybody goes on Zillow, looks at the Zillow estimate, looks at the past data of when the property was sold. That’s nothing compared to what Propstream can do. Now, when you load up Propstream, you can search by counties, zip codes.

You can’t go as big as states, but the biggest you can do is county. So, for this example, I want to show you the power of Propstream. We’re going to look at my county, Larimer County, Colorado. So, here we are. This has all properties, right? We want properties that have problems, and let me show you how powerful this is by a simple filter.

Filter over here.

You’ll see owner-occupied. I don’t want owner-occupied, because if the owner lives in the property, they probably don’t want to sell. Because if they sell, they’ve got to hire moving trucks. They themselves have to move. They’ve got a personal attachment. If they’re not in the property, then it’s purely an investment or rental. That’s what we want. Occupancy status. We can do occupied or vacant. Now, this is based on the mail service, where the mail is deliverable or not.

We’ll do any residential. I prefer multifamily,, two to four to five plus. As you can see, we can go through here. The bathrooms, the bedrooms, square footage, year built, home features. Is there a pool, basement? MLS status. We want off-market properties, right?

That’s easy. Boom, no.

If we did want properties that failed, basically, they were listed with a realtor and for some reason that didn’t work, we can select that if you wanted. This is an area where I’m currently looking for. You can look for pre-foreclosed properties, properties where they already have started the Lis Pendens Procedure, which basically means the first step before the actual foreclosure. You can get them before it’s owned by the bank. Ownership information. Do you want an individual, corporate trust? Corporate means if you buy a property in an LLC, it’ll be there’ll. Years of ownership. I love it.

Very important. You can set… I want a minimum of five years, two years, three years. Why? Well, that’s up to you. If you decide, I want a person who’s had the property for 30 years, but still has a mortgage on it, that might be a problem. Look over here. In some states, and not in Colorado, you can actually get the tax-exemption status.

You want a senior citizen, maybe a senior citizen that has a house with five bedrooms. They probably don’t need that house anymore. Something to keep in mind. Veteran. Why a veteran? Because they use the VA loans. If you’re also a veteran, VA loans are assumable, which means you could just take over their monthly mortgage payment without applying for a new loan. Widow, tons. Absentee location, out-of-state owners, out-of-county, local, you get to choose. This is one I’m targeting, specific lien types.

As you could see, tax liens, mechanics liens, all these different lanes. A lien on the property means the seller was unable to pay either the government or a court order if they lost a lawsuit. And, now the government puts a lien on the property, meaning, in order for them to sell, they have to satisfy that lien first before the deed can transfer.

That’s a problem, and a problem most people don’t realize that we, as investors, can solve. For example, if somebody has an Abstract of Judgment, they got sued and they weren’t able to pay the settlement, well, they’ve got that lien on their house. Or, if they were unable to pay, all we have to do as investors, is find out who they owe, talk to them and renegotiate that lien amount. Solution to the problem. You can also find divorce, divorce houses. Somebody has a divorce. Well, they’ve got to split all their assets, so they might be willing to sell their property in order to pay off the former spouse.

These are problems. Estimated value, estimated rent amount. There’s so much you can search for. Mortgage information. What if you search for somebody who has four mortgages? It sounds like they have a problem that can be solved by selling that property. So, for this example, I’ll show you, I selected liens, multifamily, off-market.

Now, Propstream has generated six in my county, and of course, I can bill on county, on county, on county. Single-family, obviously you’re going to get a lot more, but as an example, let’s say what Propstream can provide. Now, this is a lot more data than Zillow could ever provide us. We’ve got our estimated value. You can see how much is left on the current mortgage.

In this case, it’s free and clear, zero. Involuntary lien, so lien is $3,000. Why are they not paying the $3,000? There must be a problem that we can solve. Property details. You can see it was last sold as a cash sale for 205. Shows me an estimated equity of 464. Here’s my gross yield of 5.3. These are estimates, but at least it gets us thinking, “Okay, this is a potential problem that I can fix.”

Lien details. They’re delinquent on their county taxes by $3,000. It tells me the date. We could search for comparables to find out what the real worth is that we can pay. Here’s their tax information, linked properties. What, if this property has a problem, they might be able to solve that problem by selling one of their other properties, and here they are. 222, 226 by the same owner.

This is their actual mortgage, and for a few cents, you can actually view their note and mortgage. If you know those details, you know how to structure a creative deal that provides a win-win for the seller and the buyer, in a way that nobody else has approached them to solve. Documents and reports. This will go into the analysis of the cash flow or any other information you’d like.

Another powerful feature, analytics. I love this. Let’s see rental values, rent prices in the entire county. It is color-coded so you can see where the rent is the highest. Obviously, the highest is around the college, the downtown area, where it’s the lowest. I could see in the mountains here. Very, very powerful, from real-time data. Price growth, high growth in the past year, all color-coded. Now, I’m just giving you a sampling of what’s possible. Propstream, they have a Facebook site with videos that show you all the ins and outs of absolutely all the features.

So, you can use this tool to again, find sellers of problems, because real investors are problem solvers. They don’t buy any, just because it looks pretty. Now, let me show you another amazing part of the Propstream program. Skip tracing. Do you ever get a text message or a phone call and somebody is asking you if you want to sell your property?

Ever wonder, how did they get my phone number? Skip tracing. Skip tracing goes through government databases, and now you can pull up their email address and phone number to the seller, for your marketing campaign. Speaking of marketing campaigns, now that I’ve gathered a list of properties that have problems, and I know exactly specifically what problems they have, I want to start with a postcard campaign. Now in the past, it used to cost me between $1 and $2 per mailing. It gets pricey really fast.

Plus, I had to go to the post office, get stamps. Now with Propstream, I click a few buttons. I design my own custom postcard, and it mails it out for me. Now, let me show you how easy it is with Propstream. Now I’ve got my list of sellers. I select my postcard, and now I have a full template of all these fancy, beautiful-looking postcards. I can go in and I can change the pictures. I can change the text, so it specifically targets the problem that I know these sellers have. The templates go on and on and on and on.

Now, with the click of a few buttons and 46 cents per postcard, I’ve got a direct mail marketing campaign, specifically targeting a seller with specific problems, all without licking a stamp. Again, Propstream is so powerful in your investing marketing campaign to generate the income that you want.

Now, if you’d like to try Propstream for seven days, perfectly free, for a seven-day trial, go to Of course, if you have any more questions, you’d like to contact me perhaps, maybe a deal that you have going on right now, feel free to schedule some time on my calendar on layover with Mike.

Now, go out there and do what pilots do best. Solve problems.