What's Outside the Box

A Facebook Group where we can fly together!

Over the past few years, I’ve been interested in the financial potential of real estate to reduce my dependance on a paycheck. Now today, our paychecks have been threatened.

Through curiosity, I attended real estate seminars from the country’s greatest experts. In aviation a good pilot is always learning, and the same holds true in financial education.

Studying how the rich have become richer, it is now clear to me that the old adage “you need money to make money” is a lie. The truth is, you need to think outside the box.

Yeah, BUT…what’s outside the box?

Therein lies the problem, no matter how intelligent you are, if you don’t know what’s available outside, we stay exactly where we are.

My goal is to experience with you, what’s on the outside. By sharing what we learn, we can all do our part to keep doing what we love, flying, without the threat of loss of income.

Together we can fly because we are proud rather than fly to survive.