Banks Are Robbing You of Your Freedom…4 Creative Financing Secrets to say bye-bye to your banker

Feb 12, 2021

I attended Larry Harbolt’s “Never Step Into A Bank” class for the 3rd time. 

In this video, I will share a tidbit from each day of Larry’s class. 

It’s a four-day class that will completely change the way you think about buying property.  By understanding your financial options, you can say bye-bye to the bank and take CONTROL of your profits. 

If you understand this you can make money on deals that others walk away from.

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Hey, I’ve been in your shoes and I love sharing stories of my journey and how I got money working for me. I’ll show you how too!


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Pilots make excellent money and we love what we do. We are used to being in command and control in the flight deck. But it’s our financial future, managing cash flow, wealth, and passive income that can often seem OUT of our control. It can be a risky gamble to put your money into retirement funds and the stock market. No one gets held accountable if there are significant losses. And so it feels like you run out of options. 

After entering the world of Real Estate Investing, I’ve found a path to security, passive income, and feel in control again. 

Real estate investment stands on the solid foundation of homes and buildings, which is in high need. We have control of the tenants we have, screening them for reliability and long-term viability. We can take measures if someone isnt working out. We create the system and safeguards for our investment, and all the income comes straight to us. Our return on investment (ROI) is high and steady.

As a pilot and real estate investor I am passionate about helping other aviation professionals fly towards financial freedom through investing in multi-family properties. Let me show you how to put your money to work for you. 

Do you want to see your money multiply, creating financial freedom for your future? Are you interested in increasing your income through passive means? If so, book a briefing with me, and let’s talk.  

Hey guys, and welcome to Tampa.

I’m here to attend Larry Harbolt’s Four Days Never Step Into A Bank Seminar where he teaches you how to buy real estate without using your own money and without using the bank.

All right, so for the next four days, I’m going to give you four tidbits of information that Larry teaches every day so you can get an idea of how powerful his seminar is. So tidbit number one. Today, Larry talked about negotiating strategies with the seller in order to find out if they’re price sensitive, interest-rate sensitive, or term sensitive. Since we’re not using banks, we’re not limited to 30 year fixed rate loan at a certain percentage. We get to determine how long are the terms, interest rate, and the payment.

Because the key to seller financing is to determine how much the property can support per month and then work backward and come up with our term and interest rate that we can offer the seller.

For instance, a 15-year note at 3% versus a 40-year note at 5.5% versus a 30-year note at 7.25%. They all have the same monthly payment of $290, and if we determine the property can support $290 a month, we can offer the seller each of these three terms and interest rates and see what works for them. Because in the end, it’s still the same amount of money per month. And since this is a buy and hold property, we don’t care what the end price is. We just want to make sure we get a cashflow every month.

All right, tidbit, number two, a lot of people ask, “How could I do seller financing if the current seller already has a mortgage on the property that they need paid off?” Well, there’s a lot of ways to do it. Let me give you two examples. Number one is a wraparound mortgage.

For example, if the current seller has a mortgage for 40,000 and I agree to buy it at $80,000 with seller financing, now we arrange our own payment plan and interest rate. I pay him the $80,000 note. He takes a portion of that, pays his mortgage, and keeps the difference. That’s a payment on his equity. Now, there’s a lot of ways to structure the details of that, and we can go through that later.

Another method is to use one hard money loan to pay off the current balance on the first mortgage.

Well, now, the second lien, we will agree that there will be no interest and no payments for the first five years. After that, we’ll continue with our agreed-upon terms. So as you can see, with a combination of seller financing and hard money, we can instantly pay off their mortgage and then continue paying monthly payments until all the equity is paid for. Either way, we’re able to buy the property with the mortgage already on it without any upfront payments.

All right, tip number three, at T-bar. It’s real simple. In front of the seller right now on the left side, what the seller’s current position is, and on the right side, what their position would be after you negotiate a deal that you’re working with them. If it’s seller financing, you would show a new income stream on the right side, and the lack of debt.

All right, and finally, tidbit number four from Larry’s class. You’ve heard of a 1031 exchange. Well, the rule is you have to own that property for at least a year. But what Larry teaches is he buys sliver lots of tax deed sales. Now, sliver lots are literally like little leftover pieces of land at the end of a dead-end.

There’s no value at all to them.

You could buy them for like $20 or $50. If you hold onto them for one year, so it’d have a one-year seasoning, now you can either sell that sliver lot with one of your properties you want to exchange, or you can sell it to another investor so they can attach it to their 1031 exchange.

Man, I tell you, every time I attend Larry’s class, and this is my fourth time, I learned something new, because he teaches something nobody else does, and that’s how to buy real estate without using the bank.

He teaches you how to think outside the box so you can solve the seller’s current problem because nobody needs just a lump sum of cash on their kitchen counter. They want the money for something in the future, and if you can solve that problem with one of Larry’s techniques, and by the way, when you leave the class, you come out with a huge manual detailing every strategy, and now he’s got a booklet of his 27 favorite strategies so when you’re sitting down with a seller you can quickly glance at the list and know what strategy to present to them.

So I hope you can join him in his next class, which is scheduled for June, and I’ll send you the details in the link below.